Looking for a new rhemy in Columbus

Can anyone recommend a good rhemy and/or a pain management doctor for PSA in Columbus Ohio? My husband is living with severe pain in his neck, back, hips and knees. He is currently undergoing a second round of nerve cauterization on his back, but his doctor doesn’t seem to understand the pain he is in and refuses to prescribe any pain medication. I hate to see him hurting so bad.

I don't have a doc for you, but will advise you to find a pain management doc over a rheum. Rheums typically don't prescribe anything for pain aside from NSAIDS. From what I understand the PM department at the Cleveland Clinic is very good, but I have not been there myself.

I can recommend Dr. Kantor at Grant hospital who specializes in Rheumatology. At one point he was the director of the OSU Rheumatology department before moving over to Grant.

I am presently a patient of his and receive infusion treatments. My understanding from friends in the local medical community, he is widely known to be on the leading edge of Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments in the region.

When I left OSU for Grant hospital, Dr. Kantor changed my entire medical regimen with detailed explanations for the changes and raising the Remicade and Methotrexate levels beyond OSU's prior ceiling.

However, he is not a pain management doctor and for that I don't have any suggestions as my pain management clinic isn't presently taking any new patients, but there are quite a few clinics in Central Ohio.


Hopefully this can help.