How do you all deal with the isolation PsA causes? I left my 28 yr marriage, became an empty nester and was dx all within a 3 week period. That was 2 mos ago. I have only 1 friend and she has so much on her plate she can’t be bothered by listening to me complain about my aches and pains. My children I think are tired of hearing it and my 75 yr old father whom I now live with doent understand it. I don’t have a car so outings are a no go. I enjoy people and right now am suffering from a minor flare and massive depression. Any suggestions?

That's a lot of changes all at once. You may want to see if there is a local support group, and may want to consider therapy. So many changes at once is enough to put anybody into a depression.

The nice thing about a support group like this is that you can feel free to vent anytime you need to. It may help you minimize the need to vent to your family, who just don't understand.

Welcome, Marie! I’m glad that you’ve joined us, but sorry you’ve had too. I agree with Stoney, this is the place. But don’t assume that your depression is only as a result of the many difficult changes in your life. You are dealing with a lot, but PsA brings depression along with it as well, and not only because the symptoms wear you down. There is some good evidence that there’s something chemical going on in our bodies that make us extra depressed.
Yes, this support group may be just what you need. Hang out here and get to know some people: there’s something therapeutic about being understood. It doesn’t solve the problems, but it makes them easier to bear. And you don’t have to leave the comfort of home to come here! BTW, we have members all over the world, so there are people here at all hours of the day and night. It’s the hangout that’s always open.
Take good care!

thanks for bringing up a difficult subject. :)

I wanted to add that if you can't get out....have people come to you. I started a book club at my house, and topped it at 9 people. It forces the house to get cleaned up once a month, and each person (except me, the host) rotates bringing a snack (some cake or something). We meet during the day, when there are many moms with kids in school.

My friend who is a wheelchair user and has mild agoraphobia started a weekly crafting get together at her apartment. She is a knitter / sewer and is teaching other ladies in her apartment complex to knit and sew.

Otherwise, like people say, the message board is where it's at, here.

great tip Marietta!