Depression and PSA

Hello everyone, my name is melissa. I have had PSA since January and it's progressing faster than doctor had hoped. I have had depression for years and the certainly doesn't helook matters at all. The height of my depression was 13 months ago when my best friend of 28 years died tragically in a freak accident. Six months ago my husband and I were separated and my middle child is special needs. I feel like I drowning, how do I get my life back on track when I can barely take care of myself?

Missy, welcome to the PsA forum. You’ve found a quiet little corner here in the Depression area. For some reason, people don’t post all that much here. If you were to copy the text of this and post it under DISCUSSION, it may get a bit more attention. I certainly know that many of us here have way too much experience with depression. Here’s an article which I think you might find very interesting –
Give us a shout if there’s anything that we can do to help!