Living Kidney Donor

I was diagnosed three years ago with PA , at the moment I am on Methetrexate and humira plus celebrex and tramadol.

I am being tested as a potential kidney donor for my husband who is very very sick but means I need to stop treatment.

I've heard about fab juices that can help reduce inflammation and pain but have no idea what to put in them. I'm also drinking willow spring water which is fantastic but any help is appreciated.

Oh wow! Would you be able to stay on the celebrex and tramadol until you were closer to the surgical date? This is definitely something to talk about with the transplant team and your rheumatologist.

I can stay on them just not the injections , but I’ve been drinking Willow Spring Water ( you would need to read about it ) and feeling ok so far , but it’s only been two weeks .
My hands are suffering but not unbearable .