Left pointer finger deformity 03/21/2012

*hard to see in this picture but the whole first knuckle bends into the left with a large bump and downward. Does not bend at all at the first knuckle anymore…is this what they call Mutilans ???

Your fingers look so sore, I have my index finger the bends into the left also and on my right hand, the longest finger is the the one that really bothers me because it is what I use for the mouse and I work in administration with does not help, Are you toes bad, my two baby toes are shot as we say and now one of my toes on my right foot is really big.......but I certain feel your pain, and understand. Huggs SA

Thanks for your kind words...sorry you have the same issues...they are so damn sore!!! I have a couple of toes that are swollen on one foot (the two next to my big toe on one foot only)...so far! that along with my achilles heel issue is making walking painful. But the hands make it so hard to type or use a mouse!!!

Well that does not sound fun at all, and I know how stiff and painfull they can get !!!! like they do not do what you tell them too!