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Any problems in any of these departments would start with the basic work up in Your very good health! and in particular in the page The general approach to maintaining and restoring good health

Joints, muscles and bones are there in order for the body to be used mechanically. This use results in distress. Regular daily exercise is a vital part of staying well and, again, as we age we need to become more disciplined about this.

For those people who are unable to exercise because of fatigue or pain, regular massage is almost as effective. Muscles, joints and bones need exercise to ensure circulation of blood through them.

Joints, muscles and bones can react allergically, just as skin, lungs and gut can!

The raw materials for the renewal of joints, muscles and bones are similar, and represented in the AAA mix. For details see Arthritis - Nutritional treatments

We now know that arthritis is part of metabolic syndrome which is an inevitable part of Western diets and lifestyles. The stoneage diet is vital to prevent arthritis. See Getting to the heart of the matter: osteoarthritis takes its place as part of the metabolic syndrome.