L3-L4 involvement?

First, OUCH! Second, MRI shows “a lot going on” at L3-L4, all caused by psoriatic arthropathy.

I have several “protrusions” which are not good.

I have something called retrolesthesis, which means one of my vertebrae is out of line. I have stenosis and facet joint issues, which compress the spinal nerves in that area.

All of this explains pain on standing and walking, spasms, pain across my left thigh, down to my left knee and to my left foot. It also explains why my let toes (especially the big one and the two next to it) and the sole of my left foot are going numb.

The most conservative, least invasive treatment is an epidural, which is on Thursday. I’m also to start aqua therapy.

Frankly, I’m having more trouble dealing with the loss of even more independence, whether for the short- or long-term, than that the disease has progressed. I’ll get there but evidently, it’s not going to be soon.

Having just had three lumbar vertebrae sustain compression fractures, you have my heartfelt sympathy. Best of luck with the epidural and I hope it helps.

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Ouch sixcat. :cry:

I so hope you get some treatment that helps. I had some transient numbness in my feet in the early days but it was just inflammation - scared the bejusus out of me, as well as hurting like heck - I really feel for you. Super soft virtual hugs.

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