Knee replacement,

I hesitate to mention that for foot and ankle surgery they do a Distal sciatic nerve block (popliteal fossa block). I remember my only spinal injection it was muffed and I ended up with a total spinal. It was a wonderful afternoon until the leak and failed blood patch. I had 2 IVs running. Caffeine in one and morphine in the other. Were it not for the headache, it would not have been heaven. Two more attempts at a blood patch and finally general anesthesia and a more extensive OR procedure.

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Mine have been just the lower limb, not into the back, thank goodness. After my first surgery where the patch failed, three days post surgery I had spinal fluid leaking out of the incision. Fast call to the surgeon’s office and I was readmitted, stapled up, and kept on bed rest. I was informed that I would need surgery the following day if that failed. Apparently you wound up with that surgery. I was lucky enough that I didn’t need it.

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Is your surgery still scheduled for February 9th. Wanted to wish you good luck and a recovery with little pain.


Yes, this Tuesday. Thank you for thinking of me! Very kind and much appreciated. Everyone I’ve seen thinks my outcome will be good. My PT said I was reasonably strong (and a bit surprised by it I think) so I shouldn’t have an issue with recovery. And as a grateful bonus, the PT is not just excellent but one that I have worked with in the past before I was PsA diagnosed. He currently has another PsA patient and is well acquainted with its oddities. He even thinks some of the issues he treated me for previously could have been undiagnosed PsA.
Thank you again! Take care.


You’re welcome!


How are you? How did things go?


How kind of you to check on me!
Everything went as smoothly as major surgery can go. Just overnight in the hospital so I’ve been home for 9 days. Pain has been manageable and yesterday I finally started feeling almost like myself again. PT is going well and also yesterday I started mostly using my cane instead of the walker. Which thrilled me to no end! (I had quite a love-hate relationship with that thing, which was simply my bias against a poor innocent piece of equipment :woman_facepalming:) Just an occasional minor hiccup but all in all I suppose I can’t really expect anything more. Now I’m looking forward to hopefully​:crossed_fingers:getting out in the yard to get some work done this spring, which doesn’t really arrive here until April or sometimes May.
Thank you again for reaching out! It is greatly appreciated.
Take care and all the best!


Good for you, Mom_Cat! I have two “knees” (you know I mean titanium, bionic, replacement parts) as does my sister, and both of us had our lives transformed when we were able to walk well and be pain-free. Keep doing the bending (very important but I’m sure they told you that) and the exercises!

So glad you came through that OK! Enjoy the gardening when spring finally arrives, and in the meanwhile, why not hang out here and give some encouragement to others?

Best wishes