Just to make sure I haven't over demonised Omega 6 - just a poor imbalance of 3:6

Omega-6 Vs. Omega-3 Is Another False Dichotomy

Just as there is no opposite to inflammation, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are not in opposition. The action of aspirin is the big clue. Aspirin changes the structures of the enzymes involved in converting AA into inflammatory prostaglandins and leukotrienes, with the result that anti-inflammatory lipoxins are produced instead. Aspirin is a biochemical switch that mimics the natural transition of the cellular machinery from producing enzymes that accentuate inflammation, to enzymes and signals that are the next step in the cycle, repair and restoration of normalcy.

Omega-6 PUFAs are needed for both inflammation and restoration of normal cellular functions. Some of the enzymes produced during inflammation are needed for the reset to normalcy. The difficulty comes when inflammation is sustained, components are depleted and the cycle cannot be completed. The result then is chronic inflammation, the symptoms of metabolic syndrome and degenerative diseases.

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