Joint deterioration

Has anyone else experienced joint deterioration even while on immunosuppressants etc?

Yup. My DIP joints (the end ones) on both pinkies bent into a 90 degree angle and I had to have them fused. I think the damage may have began a tiny bit before I got on biologics. It's hard to remember.

Yes I take methotrexate and humira and I continue to have degeneration of my R SI joint in my hip. My doc says the meds are keeping it from spreading and or being worse but that I will continue to have some degeneration.

yes The erosion in my ankle continues to get worse. Some dip joints are much worse. Last year no dip joints bothered me. Hips are both losing space. My knees were shot, thats how I got my diafgnosis. Both knees went in less than a year I guess. Surgeon said "I have never seen such tissue damage" he could not figure out how I was still walking. man I am whingi g i your posti g but yes I am on bio,s and dmards and still the disease is going to progress. Maybe I will get lucky and you will too and we will get remission :)

Sybil, oddly the only thing my rheumy had checked was my spine, which I have a bulging disc as well. Recently I had to have another cortisone injection for my left shoulder which was done under ultrasound. That showed significant joint damage in my left shoulder. The pain is similar in my right shoulder and hips so I am getting them ultra sounded myself soon so I have a base line from here and send them to my rheumatologist. Who will have no idea things are that bad because I think she just assumed things were going ok. Bit disappointed. But I am not sure where I go from here re joints that are badly damaged. I also suffer from chronic tonsillitis but they won’t take them out because of the immunosuppressants. Does that mean no joint replacements?

I also have what she just assumes is ortheo arthritis in my hand and Psa in my feet but they haven’t been scanned either.