I would like to share this with you all, this Is NOT about a person with PsA, but I think any story of courage and fortitude is worth sharing.

One of my patients has a beloved grandson who had a near fatal accident whilst taking a training group for an extreme sport experience for disadvantaged youngsters. His safety equipment failed…
He was so badly injured the surgeons who battled to save him did not expect him to survive as they had never worked on someone so badly injured. Multiple broken bones, broken spine, massive blood loss, organs going into failure. He was just 19.
A year on he is home, he is independant, as he lost both kidneys he dialyses himself at home, and paralysed from the waist down. His company has paid fully for his home adjustments…he is now talking about training for the Rio Olympics. He never moans, he always has a smile and is back to doing what he loves…helping disabled youngsters how to cope with their lives
His grandmother is just so proud of him :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. It is so good to read a feel good story!

Thank you for this.

What a great story! He is doing exactly what he wants and helping others at the same time, which, as nurses, we do everyday. I'll bet his grandma is proud, isn't everyone around him? Thanks for putting some sunshine in my day.

Honestly Michelle, the light just shines out of his Grandma when she talks of him. It also gives her the reason to keep going :slight_smile: makes me feel humble