I have gotten a lot worse of my Psoriasis with Humira. The Humira honeymoon seems r

And the Humira honeymoon seems to be over. I am still better than I was when I first started Humira but not great. I have Crohn’s disease and therefore I have to be careful with what I take. Any ideas? I am going to my reumatologist in a couple of weeks would like to discuss alternatives with him. Thanks so much!

A termprorary increase in Psoriasis symptoms is NOT unusual with many of the biologics. There are various “theories” but it does pass.

It happened to me when I started Humira a year ago. I’m still waiting for it to pass. Otherwise, I’m pleased with what Humira is doing.

Backing off on the MTX or increasing temporarily (with permission of course) often gets things moving…

Oh, I must ask the rheum about that. You think I need to shake it up a bit?

Thanks to all of you! I have been on Humira for 2 and 1/2 years and at first the psorisis was pretty mild but now is getting to be a problem… big patches all over my body and for the first time in my life, also on my face…