I have been on Humira for only 3 weeks now but my psoriasis is on 80% of my body and getting worse. The Humira is helping the arthritis but the rash is out of control and spreading. Has anyone had psoriasis this bad and did the Humira help

Did the rash get worse before it got better.

Yes, but not that bad ( 80%///) Have you contacted your doc? Sometimes with Humira the injection schedule needs increased for a few months. They may also really go after the rash with steroids both oral and topical to get things under control. One thing that has helped others getting started is a few "tanning sessions" which seems to get the scaling under control. Hang in there weird things happen from time to time as things get under control.

My Dr has seen it and said he has never seen anything like it they think I need light therapy. I take the Humira every week. It really helps with the arthritis but my hand is still developing deformities.

Ask your doctor who he would go to if he were as bad off as you are. See if any of the doctors on the NPF's medical board are anywhere near you. It might be time for a 2nd opinion from an elite doctor.