Howdy Y'all!

I just wanted to stop in and say "Howdy" to the other members in this awesome community !

At age 59, I got a not so awesome birthday present when my Rheumy immediately bestowed membership on me in this august club. I had experienced intermittent symptoms of joint inflammation over the course of the previous 12 months.

I have been watching this site the last month or so as I have gathered information on PsA and its management. The recommended reading lists and anecdotal war stories have been extremely helpful as I consider the path forward in this "new" life with PsA.

From my first visit here, my reading has encouraged me to FEAR THE DISEASE and NOT THE DRUGS as I face the future. Succint and sage advice, it would appear. I do admit that this recent PsA diagnosis leaves me unsettled since I have always taken my life long conditioning and good health as givens.

A big, Texas size Thank You to all of the prolific contributors and mods here who help us navigate the uncertain pathway ahead. The trail markers that you lay down about your experiences are invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the group.

We certainly all do learn to fear the disease. It's unfortunate. I hope you find this site helpful. There is always someone to listen and someone who has similar experiences.