How about biologics ( Enbrel etc) shipped in the heat?

Storing Drugs | Medicaiton Storage | Arthritis Today Magazine - 72k - Cached - Similar pagesThe shelf life of Enbrel vials, for example, is less than seven days at room ... testing strips are as sensitive to heat, cold, and moisture as medications are. ... If you mail order drugs, choose overnight shipping, and if possible, have them ... In the long run, Chan says, the challenge is balancing safe storage with ease of use .

Hi rkrlady,

Mine come with an ice pack, shipped over night UPS. Of course in the heat we are having, I try to call to see if they have a ship date for me, to make sure it does not spoil on the front porch! But once I sent it off, I am constantly checking for it anyway! That's alot of medicine, worth a lot of $!!!!

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Hi SK,

Oh yea, no stranger to biologics..Just a remind, to watch the condition of the arrival..Mine came in a styro cooler, they shipped me 3 months worth. And i knew what the day of arrival was. But i have read some horror stories on arthritis message forums, that the ice pack was melted, etc.

Can u imagine the temp of the concrete on the steps, if i were not home to get it in the house...I think they gave us the option of signing or not signing for it. I just made sure i was home.

Of course the dogs go ballistic everytime they see a FedEx truck, don't they?

Or some ppl have it shipped to work...It's a shame i still got 2 1/2 boxes 50mg(enbrel), from last year, no one will take offa of me, not legal. Rheummy says save till they expire and toss out...First i will shoot the contents in a coffee can first...on Remicade now

Have a great wknd/stay cool

What a shame to waste it!