Hi, I'm Jen

I’m a short timer by comparison with many of you - had proper PsA for just under two years (and minor warning signs for only about 9 months before that). But that short time has been a roller coaster.

I’m 38 - and I’ve been bulletproof up until this. No really - working in special military zones in communist countries with a smattering of landmines thrown in for fun type bulletproof (though I’m definitely not crazy enough for war zones!).

The 9 months of warning signs - well I’d just had my daughter and returned to work in a highly stressful job full time, so I was not going to think too much of some fatigue and a sore elbow.

Than came the roller coaster… A flare so bad that on week four my feet and legs went numb and I needed assistance to climb stairs because of the loss of power in my legs. I couldn’t pick up my 1 year old because of the inflammation in my shoulders - they just wouldn’t do it. And the frustration that a rheumy appointment, with any form of treatment, was at least another 2 months away.

Fast forward to now, and it was a rather bumpy road, but I count myself lucky to have this very supportive community, an incredibly supportive family, and medication that actually slows the damage of PsA (and a few other lurking autoimmune diseases!) I don’t think I’d be where I am now without some of the wise heads on this forum, and hope you get as much out of it as I have :slight_smile: