Here I am again

So this will be a short post, but I wanted to just say that I’m back. I’ve struggled between finding support on some of the FB groups I’m a part of and feeling further defeat because of some of those posts. I remembered this site because a friend referred me for the “Caregiver” Community. I have not posted here in a very long time, but here I am now. I wish you all the best and will post more here now and in the future. Take care.

Welcome back :grin:. Whilst our wish for all our members is to go into remission and not need us, we all have such a variety of experiences and are here to listen and chat. Let us know how you have been :grin:

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If you need a shoulder, or a vent point I am happy to be there as a non judgemental and anonymous friend. I’ve been through some really tough PsA and non PsA related times, esp recently and I believe shared experiences help heal or at least help validate feelings when things seem like they are free falling. PM me if you’d like to. Wishing you peace of mind and wellbeing xx

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Thank you both! I will keep that in mind.

Welcome back!