Help Please

Hi everyone my name is Jo, I’m new to the site. I am 39 years old, no children and not married. I have been a psoriasis sufferer for 27 years and diagnosed with PSA a year ago (possibly had it for 5 years) I am so frustrated and have so many unsanswered questions. I am on methotrexate and humira. I am constantly suffering with fatigue and have had a major flare up recently mainly affecting my back. I went for xrays and an MRI scan which shows my bones arre osteoporotic and degenerative changes are more pronounced at L4 and 5. Does this mean I will always have the pain in my back. Is it true that existing damage is not reversable? I sit all day in my job and its agony!!!Being stressed doesn’t help either

Welcome, JoJo! I'm sorry you've joined our club, but glad that you are here. I wish I could answer your questions, but I know very little about backs and osteoporosis. My own specialty is foot pain, unfortunately. There will be others who will have plenty of advice and wisdom for you, though.

Stress ... yes, that's a big one for all of us. And stress makes our problems, and our pain worse.

Hang in there, and hang with us!


Welcome JoJo! I too am sorry you have joined our club, The best thing is finding this group...there are some awsome members here who really care and understand everything we live with. I have recently had to give up working due to the severe back pain I was having. I was a medical assistant in a podiatry office. The feet unfortunately are on the bottom and there is a LOT of bending in that job. Anyway, my xrays show OA, Degenerative Changes and Osteopenia severe, C5&6; L5 to S1. So, to answer your question the best I can is my rheumy told me that the damage is not reversible. the only thing we hope for is "remission" (not holding my breath on that one) and to SLOW the progression of damage to the joints. I know this is not the answer any of us want to hear. I have a friend that told me once "If the joint stops hurting the damage is already done". We just do what we have to and keep our chins up. Best of luck with your journey.

Welcome (again!) JoJo! My understanding is that once the damage is done, it's not reversible. However, there are things you can do to help with the pain. Some people find chiropractic helps and others prefer craniosacral therapy or acupuncture. Balancing movement with stillness helps a lot - if you're sitting most of the day, stand up and stretch every once in a while if you are able. Take a walk to the bathroom. Adjust your position in your chair often, and make sure you have a chair that suits your body's needs. Some people prefer kneeling chairs.

Hi JoJo...

I can tell you from my experience with backs (both injury/surgical and PsA spinal involvement) that once the damage is done, it is pretty much done and not reverseable. Degenerative spinal changes at any level of the spine are extremely painful, but in the lower back L4 to S1, pain will be made worse by sitting (which is why I can't work anymore!). I know that is not really what you want to hear, but what ever you do, I would strongly advise against spinal fusion surgery unless it is an absolute last resort, as I have had it done (3 times due to complications) and I still have chronic pain from it on top of my PsA pain. So sorry you have to live with the spine pain.....I know what you are going through. Anyway you can take some time off work?

Thanks everyone for the info, its just as I thought but its great to get another opinion and to know that people understand. Reading some of the other discussions brought tears to my eyes as I thought that me, that’s me!! Its so difficult to explain to people sometimes even family what you are going through as on the outside you may just look fine! I have an appointment on Monday to see my Employers Health Unit to assess my situation so it could be early retirement, (really early) alternatively I would have to be accomodated somehow. Thanks again