Hello! I'm new here

But not new to PsA. I have juvenile onset, a severe case. for 30 yrs dr's waffled between JRA and JPsA. I finally got the definitive dx 2 months ago, when I developed full body tendonitis, which can happen (rarely) with PsA but not RA.

The reason my dx was confusing was because I had severe eye inflammation FIRST, starting at age 5. Then developed the psoriasis, then within a year had severe full body symmetrical RA-like joint symptoms. I haven't had the same joint damage as with RA though, but JRA can be less deforming than adult RA. So it was a mess. At any rate, I lost vision in my left eye due to inflammation leading to unstoppable glaucoma. I ended up with an artificial eye when I was 24. I needed DIP surgery on both pinkies because they were at 90 angles. My elbows don't straighten all the way, but besides that my joints have full range of motion.

Pretty amazing considering 30 yrs of severe inflammation. My psoriasis is mainly on my hands, which is hard. My whole life everyone can see it. I have a bit behind my ears and on one elbow. I fight to keep it in check and not spreading.

I've been on biologics since 2001, cycled through most of them. I'm on Simponi right now, and taking Arava to keep the tendonitis in check. My pain can be severe. I take narcotics when needed.

At any rate, I'm married (18 yrs), with 2 boys 15 and 11.5yrs old. We had our kids young knowing my disease would be progressive. I am definitely less capable now than a decade ago. My oldest has Asperger's and I homeschool him. My youngest is sensitive and kind. Both my kids have learned early on to do things around the house. They do their own laundry, and do all the dishwasher stuff. They bring me things when I need them to. My husband is a software engineer and works long hours. I was in grad school for library science when I had my first child. A massive flare derailed my plan to continue. I have had to quit every job I've had because of health issues. It's been very hard. I never planned to be a stay at home mom but it fell into place because of my health issues.

We have a whole bunch of pets who really help me keep a positive outlook. Currently 2 cats, 2 gerbils, and 2 bunnies. We used to have a dog and another cat as well (old age too them).

I love to read, and I quilt and mess around with fabric. I enjoy video games, and reading sci-fi books.

Anyway, thanks for the many welcomes I have already gotten! I hope to help others, as well as get the occassional support myself.


I've had PsA since a child, but was only diagnosed last year. I had kids fairly young - I'm 37 and my kids are 13 (boy with Aspergers), 12 (boy), 10 (girl, who possibly has PsA), 7 (boy) and 4 (girl). We homeschool all of them. We have 2 cats, live in a gluten-free household (I have celiac, which makes it a possibility for my kids as well ... and even our cats are gluten-free!), and my family has witnessed me go from hiking for miles through the hills of CT with a 25 pound child on my back to using canes or a wheelchair in the past year (actually, within a 3 month time period last year!).

It's great to have you as part of our group!!!

Thanks! I didn't see my post come up when I click on "discussion". Am I posting in the right place? This forum is a little confusing :)

Wow nym, we have sooo many similarities!

Throughout my life I've gone from bedridden (many of my school years), remissions when I can go hiking, back to using a scooter and a cane, and back to doing things again. For me it is up and down all the time, but the only consistency is that the older I get, the shorter the "good times" are. In the past 10 yrs I've really come to terms with accepting I have a disability. It's hard to do though.