Hello, does this sounds familiar?

Hello everyone, I am new to this group and the diagnosis of PSA. I have had mild psoriasis for probably 5-6 years, mostly on my scalp. I've has severe back, neck and occipital pain on and off for years, as well as chronic migraines. I always attributed this to my Chiari 1 malformation...which may still be the case... Recently, my legs and arms ache, particularly when I lay down. I get pain twinges in my hands and feet, and hips. Basically, my entire body aches. But, my neck, shoulders, head, back HURT, whereas the the other areas almost feel like my bones are aching. Does that sounds right? I'm still not convinced its PSA, though my biological father has both PSA and psoriasis.

More than anything, it's the crushing fatigue! I can sleep an entire day, no problem. I have a high-intensity, full-time job, a toddler, and a life that can't stop...yet I find myself always desperate for a nap.

Does any of this sounds familiar? I feel crazy.

You may feel crazy, ab, but it’s highly unlikely that you are. Welcome to the PsA board. I hope that you will find the support and information that you need here. All of us are unique and experience this disease in our own way, but certain themes run through our experiences. Fatigue … oh yes! It’s the fatigue that sleep won’t cure. The bone tiredness which makes it hard to raise you arms to shampoo your hair. The fatigue that feels like leg irons attached to the bed posts. Yup, fatigue.

I can so relate to the aching legs. My aches started at the waist, and went right down into my toes. Legs and feet that felt leaden and painful.

I won’t be the only one reading your post and nodding in recognition. If you haven’t found it already, do check out our Newbies’ Guide: the shortcut is in the green band above. You will be able to relate to a lot of what is there.

Here’s one of my blog entries which you may find interesting:


Again, welcome. I’m glad that you found us, but sorry that we had to meet this way!

Sorry, abcefg, but it does sound familiar. :-( IDK what a Chiari 1 malformation is, but a lot of your symptoms resemble symptoms of PsA. You have come to the right place for advice and support, although you probably know a lot about PsA because your father has it. I understand it's hard to accept this diagnosis, and maybe a s doctor's opinion would help. The sooner you start treating it with the right meds, the better. It sucks and I've had great success with enbrel for 7 months now. Before starting it i felt a lot of the pain and fatigue like you described. I hope your father is feeling well on the right meds. There are several different biologics (Enbrel, Humira, Remicade, etc.) that help many people feel really good. I've been on Enbrel for 7 months now and the fear of it losing its effectiveness scares me half to death. Take care and I hope your symptoms let up soon!

Thanks to you both for your thoughtful responses and links. So very helpful. (I actually do not have a relationship with my father, so I don't know much about the disease. I only know through my sister that he has it.) Couple additional questions that perhaps have been dealt with on this board before (apologies if so).

1) Gluten—anyone found they feel better when they are gluten-free?

2) I am on Methotrexate...will that help with the fatigue?

3) How do not feel like you are a "less than" wife, mother, worker...?

Hi ABCEFG, I have had chronic migraines along occipital and neck pain for more than 20 years. I have arthritis in my cervical vertebra ( from C2 down) and this caused muscle spasms which creates chronic headaches in the back of the head. Sometimes these headaches turn into migraines but at other times the migraines are their own seperate issue. I can tell the difference between the two types of HA.

Anyway, I had one ''trigger point injection" into the area with the most spasm and 48 hours later I was headache free. That was 4 months ago and the "throb" in the back of my head is just now beginning to kick up again. I did not think I would benefit from the injection, but it worked!

I also am exhausted 24/7. My rheumatologist said exhaustion is one of the biggest complaints he hears about.

I understand your concern about feeling like you are "less than". That feeling hurts. Alot. When I was working I was made to feel that way when I had migraines. You are not "less than." You are someone who is doing the best she can do with a difficult diagnosis and in that sense, you are doing ""more than" alot of people!