Heart cath

ok. my friends i have been told i will be needing a heart cath to better view an artery and if needed they will put in a stent. so for the people who have had this experience with this, how does one treat oneself for pain and inflammation if one is put on blood thinners.
i am in a biologic, skyrizi and it just started to kick in and i am on an anti inflammatory for my OA. so what i have read i cannot take the anti, steroids. etc for a me to be able to move if i am in a flare etc. can someone please put my mind at ease for my mind is really racing right now.

I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this. I’m for there’s people who have dealt with this directly. My mom went through this but I’m not sure about the answer

Wow, you have a lot to carry right now. The people that I know who have had stent(s) put in got a new lease on life so that may turn out really good for your overall health. I would assume that your heart exam will be done with the necessary team involved with all consulting with one another in consideration of your particular needs, long and short term. Have you met with the cardiologist and surgeon to express your concerns? If you can trust them to have your best interests at heart (pun?), I’d suggest avoiding needless speculation as it is often wrong and the added stress certainly doesn’t help. Hopefully you will get the care needed IF a flare happens. Many have made comments that their PsA symptoms disappeared immediately after surgery.