Has anyone had radiofrequency ablation for low back pain? What were the results

I had radiofrequency ablation a week ago for my low back pain. I wanted to know if anyone has had this procedure and what your results were?

I had it done, sorry it did not work for me and made me feel a lot worse, the pain was terrible for about 3 or 4 weeks after it was done. I had pain from just walking, bending, sitting it was terrible I even thought something had got infected or something because of the added pain but come to find out when you have fibro it makes things worse instead of better until the nerves grow back. Will not try again. But hopefully yours went well, I know a few people who have had great success from it. Still looking for relief for my back pain.

Thanks for your reply. It's been two weeks now. I feel some numbness, but I am having a great deal of nerve pain, especially when I sit. I don't regret having it done yet; but I am counting on this nerve pain to subside....my physical therapist told me, many of her patients have had good results.

My mom had it done and had great results, but it took several weeks for her to feel the effects. My friend had it done and it did not work.

Miz Que

It takes up to a month to be fully effective, and, there are times, that a patient will need a second treatment. They can be very successful. I wish you the best with this!

I had it done three years ago... it was incredibly painful for four weeks, then the nerves settled down and I went two years before needing another round of facet joint injections..., so I think it was worthwhile. I've had it done in my L4-5 and am looking at getting it done on my neck as well. Good Luck, and be patient, it will improve :)

Nangogirl, thank you. You are right, it’s much better. I have pain elsewhere, that probably would benefit too. I have too think about it for awhile. :slight_smile:

I'm not sure

Andy said:

I'm not sure, when I started this discussion, but the RFA helped my pain and I am considering doing the other side.

I'm going to have my second ablation, < L4 L5, I'll report back on my experience. Both sides. (July 23, 2014)

This procedure was substantially less painful during and after this time. I'm not having the nerve pains I had before. I can move, bend and stretch easier. It looks hopeful.

I had it done left side 2 weeks ago and the right side 4 weeks ago. I feel amazing! No pain at all. Facet injections were done 6 and 8 weeks before. I feel like a new person.

That’s great. I’m feeling better every day.

I had it done, but it didn’t provide any help. I am moving on to a spinal cord stimulator.

Ralst4 said:

I had it done, but it didn't provide any help. I am moving on to a spinal cord stimulator.
Any luck with it ?