Hands swelling even on anti-inflamatory

ok folks my hands are swelling up even though I am on mobic. This is the third antiinflamatory I have been on. Anyone else heard of this?

Yup! Don't mean to be trite, but it eventually takes a combo of drugs. Took 6 NSAIDS before I got one that worked. Remember this is a DNA based disease, we are all different. Sadly most treatment as a result is trial and error.

My hands swell also. I have been on Aleve, diclofenac and am presently on Celebrex, mtx and enbrel but hands and feet still swell. Though worst with over activity.


seems to be a side effect according to this!

I’m on mobic, prednisone and humira and have had hand problems since last year. I get injectIons in my knuckles also to help with mobility and swelling. It’s mostly my right hand but I will sometimes get a bit of swelling in both. I hope you find something to help you soon. I’m changing meds soon in hopes of finding the right one for me.

My hands and feet swell and my knee has been swallen since January! I am on my fourth NSAID.... Hope you find what works for you soon!!


Spoke to dr., he said go off mobic and go back on Vivomo. I have been waiting 7 1/2 months to see rhumey and i have only 12 more days till my appointment. Every month I have something new to add. I am curious to what he is going to say.

Hi there. I still have swelling in my hands, after having tried pretty much all the different types of Anti-inflammatories and Cox2 inhibitors out there. I am now moving on to my 4th month of Methotrexate with no improvement yet in the swelling in my hands. Sorry I don't have any more positive news for you.

Yep, only thing that decreases that for me is MTX Enbrel and volaren all taken together!

I’ve only noticed a very minor (and I mean Very Minor) reduction in swelling in my axial arthritis, never any noticeable reduction in hands, feet, ankles, wrists, elbows, knees, hips, shoulders etc when taking NSAIDs.

It seems they are simply not strong enough for most of us (I was taking double prescribed dose for 3 weeks till my GP pulled me up on it). Steroids were strong enough, but unless you are planning to die In the next 5 years, the list of short-term side effects are pretty prohibitive.

Don’t muck about with NSAIDs, you need a DMARD quick smart, so when you see your Rhuemy be decisive about this, even if he/she isn’t - after all, you have to live with those hands, the pain, and the lack of function, not your Rhuemy.

Sorry rebel mom, I should have also said, that whilst NSAIDs have proven almost useless for me, with the exception of making axial pain slightly milder, the pain and swelling in my small joints (hands and feet) responds very well to MTX - so much more than my big joints, which MTX has little effect on. There are a few studies, I’ll see if I can find one for you, that seem to substantiate this as a common pattern (ie better small joint response with MTX).

So, whilst MTX is not my personal favorite, if your Rhuemy offers this, and you don’t yet have the offer of biologics, its worth consideration, particularly if your problem is in your small joints.

Is MTX methodextrate? If so, then I am on that but on a small dose. I have only been on it for eight weeks. 6 more days till my rhuemy visit.

i think for most of us NSAIDs are really about trial and error until you find what works best for you. Mobic worked for me a short time but i stopped it due to severe head aches as a side effect. After trying many more, I have been sticking to Nabumetone for now. hope u find the one for you