Halloween Plannning with Psa

Halloween is creeping up on us way to fast so today i spent a lot of my day sewing (ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch) but it was wonderful <3 You see we are Americans living in Germany where Halloween is not a holiday although for the 12 years we have been here we have occaisionally seen a few kids now and then trying to trick or treat it really has not caught on.

We are throwing a party ...now with the husband and me and 5 kids we really are a party on our own lol but the oldest three of our tribe are teenagers and are each allowed 3 guests the littlest 2 are not inviting anyone seeing as they are toddlers but friends of ours with children their age have also been invited ...if everyone shows up we will have 23 -25 guests heaven help me. Luckily the party is mostly typical halloween games for the various age groups resulting in prizes, halowwenish music in the background, and lots and lots of candy. No meal to prepare no formal dress no boring long drawn out time for the kids but instead fun and games oh and costumes!

I am haking most of them for our batch so busy busy busy although my oldest has made that a lot easier by deciding to go as the stubborn teenager who refused to wear a stupid costume, I will however be making him that exact statement on a sign to wear (the brat). My hands are not fond of the sewing I am doing and I am a bit overwhelmed by the task to be quite honest but I need this Halloween party! Why you ask? Well because I am homesick and because last Halloween i was in the hsopital and the kids were sick so there was no party which had us all bummed. The year before that our daughter who was Due dec 17th decided to arrive on Oct 21st but perfectly healthy. She got to come home after only 10 days of being in the neonatal intensive care unit which meant she came home right smack on Halloween which was the best gift ever for us all but because she was a preemie we had to keep away visitors for a few weeks to help her adjust and so once again we missed a true Halloween Celebration.

Now, while I am worried my immune system will throw a temper tantrum and try to thwart my efforts, I am determined to win this round and am going to throw the party regardless. We have adjusted some of the fun and games to cut down on the germs like bobbing for apples will mean apples are hanging from the ceiling on strings instead of in a bucket of water and other such safety measures like the contest to build scare crows out of old clothes has been altered so they are stuffed with newspaper to cut down on the hay allergies. Anyway I was wondering how others here deal with holidays and parties with PsA and their immune system? Would love any advice to cut down the risk for getting sick with a crowd that large coming, normally the kids have friends over but not in mass amounts and all our usualy precautions seem to do the trick but with a group that big we want to be careful without being ummm pushy. My husband thought we could make a game of the hand sanatizing when people arrive go to the door in doctors masks/scrubs and greet the guests.. Hes a dork ...but i love him lol any tips, tricks, ideas, thoughs are all welcome from how to safe and germ free as possible to ideas for games and costumes. I know we all have a lot to deal with our illnesses but for once im posting to find out... How others with PsA celebrate and what does it end up costing them to do so?

My daughter is 3 and has decided to be terrified of anything having to do with Halloween including pumpkins! So we are going to my appt with the rhuem and maybe attempt mall trick or treating, no big parties and home before it gets late.

I am throwing a trick or treat bash with some other parents in my daughters class. We will not be playing games just having a hot dog cookout, etc then trick or treating. Since it is outside I am hoping I will not be around many germs. I will though have hand sanitizer and clorox wipes everywhere.

I am though thinking about Thanksgiving but most importantly Christmas. I am going to do most if not all my shopping online and have it already wrapped. I will not be going to any parties this year and then pray for the rest.

Been in Germany for 12 years now the homesicknesses does not get any easier with time, in fact it gets worse. I try to hold on to as many of my family/American traditions as possible while also keeping to the German holidays and traditions. I have only gotten to go home once in 12 years to see my family which is enormous but i do telephone with them all weekly and have them on facebook and skype and so on. It was hard for me to leave them behind but life here was a better choice for us. My husbands father is German his mother American so he grew up in both places when we decided to move to Germany we had our first three boys then ages 4, 3, and 1 now 16, 15, and 13 and have since added another son 3.5 and a baby girl 2 this month. My mom was with us when we had our first three boys but when the time came round for our next child to be born we were in Germany already and she could not come here. We lost our daughter in the 22nd week it was the hardest thing I have ever endured and may very well be why having PsA doesnt hit me as hard as it does others emotionally. I have been throuh once catastrophe so a second doesnt seem so bad so to speak. After losing her our doctors told us we would have no more children a devastating fact i had come to accept. I have 3 sisters and a brother and while i love my sons i had a secret hearts wish for a daughter when we lost her i lost a part of myself. So you can imagine our surprise when a terrible stomach flu 8 years later resulted in the birth of our little prince Mixon who decided to make his grand enterance early thus landing us at the wrong hospital which meant my pre plan for birth was ignored and i was not "fixed" after his birth. Nursed a year went to the doctor for my check up and low and behold we were expecting again. I told my husband if that baby wasnt a girl he was fired because i was out of boy names lol we have 4 sons and 7 nephews ...my poor mom hates the holidays because there are so many of "us" but she loves all her grand chidlren dearly but from her 4 kids who had kids we gave her 15 grand children lol Anyway along came Princess Brieanna Joy-Marie and now no more we are done. Realising they would have no memories of "back home" or America and that they will speak english but with little German accents hit me kinda hard. I want to keep them aware of where they come from and who they are. That they know both worlds is important to me so much more since i got so sick. So Halloween will be celebrated and Thanksgiving even though that doesnt exist here either =X we also break the German tradition of putting up the Christmas tree on the 24th of Dec ... we put our up on Thanksgiving we share our culture with the friends we have here and some have even borrowed a few of our little traditions. I feel not celebrating would be losing a piece of myself and my family but i also know i have limitations so im trying to make everything "doable". anyway I have once again written a post like a book >.< stay at home mom syndrome means i talk to much im working on that it isnt easy though ...i need human conversations that dont end in because i said so thats why . anyway thanks for the responses hand sanitizer is a must and friends remove shoes and jackets at the door to knock down a bit of the germ passing, i know ill end up sick but this time i know for me personally it will be worth it ...now if only i can lower the rate of how sick ill get id be one happy mama

Have fun celebrating! Have a kinder egg for me :wink: it’s so silly that those things are illegal in the States!

Teehees Shutterbug it really is silly. Parents buy toys according to age The kinder eggs have age warnings youd think things would have changed by now