Hair loss

So I know there was a discussion about hair quality, but I need help with hair loss. I am 37 I am currently on Simponi and 10 mg pred daily. I have never really had any skin involvement. My hair started to thin noticeably about a few weeks ago. It is to the point that I am seeing my hair dresser next week to get a different hair style.
I just started taking folic acid daily.
Any ideas? My next rheumy appt isn’t until end of Nov. I don’t ever see a pcp, should I?

I have no idea what to do with hair loss. A small percentage of people on biologics experience hair loss. I'm one of them. Remicade caused my hair to massively thin. I usually wear a bandanna or scarf on my head because I just don't have the energy to deal with a hairstyle that would work with thinning hair.

I blogged about it a while ago (and yes, my hair is purple):

I lose a massive amount of hair when I flare but when I take vitamin D3 it gets a lot better. don’t know if it’s related to being low on d3 but it takes care of the problem.

Thanks. I will add D3 to my vitamin list…