Gotta love it

I have had several episodes of trigeminal neuralgia but now as painful as this one except for the initial onset. Holy cow! My joints feel fine (although 8 know they are not- as stability is an issue and putting my feet to the floor causes pain. But, the pain in my face right side is out of this world. I would rather give birth to a porcupine! I have taken (with medical advise) 10 mg toradol, 15 mg short acting morphine, 15 mg long acting morph one and 6 mg of dilaudid and the pain is still there but at least has lessened.
Question? Does anyone else have neuropathic pain? If so how do you manage. I did use ice until the pack melted. Is there a secret to living with it and conquering it and all the other pain meds?


I've had some nerve pain, but my understanding is that trigeminal neuralgia can be as you described, and worse. I would work closely with a neurologist on this. I don't remember, but is botox helpful in this one? What about some of the nerve calming meds such as lyrica?

I'm so sorry. I've had two very short (a few days) bouts of trigeminal neuralgia, and it was horrible. I have no suggestions, but wanted you know someone heard and is empathizing with your pain. How long has this bout been going on?

Who's prescribing for you? I can't imagine what torodol would do and I'm not sure of his thinking on the narcos is. Generally for they are avoided trigeminal neuralgia and are even considered by some neurologists to be a trigger...... Tegretol or Neurontin are the usual medications and often provide immediate relief. Trileptal, Topamax, Lamictal, Neurontin and Lyrica are also used. Another medication, which is not in the antiseizure class, is amitriptyline

Is it possible he thinks its a nerve impingement?

I am not sure what is the thought. I saw an ER doc originally who did not really care what it was just treated the pain. Then had MRI this summer and was followed up by Internal Medicine as I am still waiting to see a neurologist. I m going to a pain clinic in November. So no one has really looked at me in regards to prevent or treat this just in treating the pain.
Ended up in ER last night as I had taken as much as I thought was safe without someone assessing me. IV narcs and toradol later got me to the point I could sleep so home I went. Slept for 3 1/2 hrs now up due to pain. Good thing, Dr was going to push to get me in to see neuro sooner and to have Internal Med se me to assess for Tegretol or Neurontin. Bad thing, he did not try last night to see if helpful. So here I am at 625 awake, exhausted and waiting for more narcs to kick in. Good thing is that this hurts so much my arthritis pain (last week before Remicade) seems like a minor thing compared to this.

Oh the fun.

I'm sorry you had to go to the ER, but glad you had (very temporary) relief. I hope you can get in to your various specialists sooner rather than later, and that SOMETHING helps!