Going back to work

Well it is back to school time and my children will be gone from the house from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. I am wanting to go back to work and was thinking about working with animals either in a shelter or a vet office. I thought this would be a great change since I am an old teacher and do not want to go back to working with children with all of their germs and such. Any other suggestions besides the ones I have came up with would be much helpful.

Rebel Mom good for you! I am glad you are ready to take something else on.

I have been volunteering at places I think I would like to work. After 40 years of nursing and full disability I am not looking for a job I am doing it to feel useful again and to do things I might have enjoyed but did not pursue when I was young nor later when I had a family to support. I went to school at night while working as a nurse during the day in my thirties and got a degree in Literature majoring in Russian Lit and Shakespeare. I ended up pregnant at graduation but the twist was I was 40 and had been unable to have children! So while I do not regret a thing I am volunteering at the library and at the food shelf and I love it. The great thing about volunteering is I can not do it if I am doing poorly but usually I can find something I can do even on a bad day.

I am wondering if this might work for you to try on jobs. I do not know your area but here if they know you they are more likely to open up a job for you sometimes.

Either way good luck with it. I hope you find something you love.

That sounds great ! I would love to do that myself :) I'm sure you'll find something that works into your day and makes you happy.

That's a long day for your kids. I've been keeping busy with a few different small jobs, and will likely get trained as an animal shelter volunteer. I dog walk for pay, but it would be nice to go back to my roots. . . I volunteered at an animal shelter when I was a teenager. I've been fostering kittens this spring/summer, but that doesn't get me out of the house.

Other volunteer ideas are the public library, food pantry, nursing homes (but maybe not due to germ issues).

Being a vet tech is really hard work, but if you did part time hours, that might work. You might also like working for a state park, or a consignment shop. Chico’s has lots of part time ladies, and you get a discount on the clothes!

You might like to start your own business selling art online such as beading, embroidery, or paintings. My dreams to quit work and open my own consignment/ thrift shop. Upscale, clean and affordable. :slight_smile:

I am not thinking about being a vet tech. I am thinking about working in the front office meeting people and such. I am going to dog sit a puppy three days a week while the owners are off to work. It should be fun.