Getting over a cold on methotrexate

Hello Newbie here. I was diagnosed in Jan after years of random symptoms. Started on methotrexate and the bam got sick. Been down with an awful cold for nearly 3 weeks so was told to stop meds. Wow the pain. Worse than the worst flu. Ears and nose stuffed up. Can’t stop coughing. Back on just ibruprofen. Any advice ?

Hi there and welcome! I’m sorry you feel so awful, but the bright side is, the MTX may be doing something besides making it hard to get over your cold. If your pain ramped up when you stopped the mtx, maybe just maybe … fingers crossed!

Welcome to our PsA clubhouse, Jude. I’m the one who sent you here from FB. Glad you made it, and I hope you like it here.


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That’s a bummer. Yup. Ride it out. It’s way too early to know if methotrexate will ultimately be the right med, so you’ll go back on once you’re better. There is the occasional person who can’t tolerate it due to illness, but may do great on leflunomide. There’s definitely options.

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Thank you Seenie and Stoney. Very encouraging and I will continue to plod on. Thanks again. X