Free Presentation about PSA with two Doctors

Learn about Psoriatic Arthritis and attend our FREE presentation this Saturday, Oct. 12th, 2013 at Queens College. The NPF will be hosting and I will be introducing Dr. Russell Cohen F.A.A.D. and Dr. Andrew Porges F.A.C.R.. Bring your questions so you can gain control with your PSA! Register below for FREE.....complimentary Continental Breakfast served.

Are you going to be attending this? I saw it, and I'm certainly within range. It's just a long day for me, and a lot of driving. I think it's about 1 1/2 hours each way.


If u do happen to go.. please let us know what you learned.. very anxious to hear if anything new

Huggs.. Karen

This will be very informative... plus you will learn about what's in the pipeline for psa...hope to see you there. Todd

make a day of it ...

Todd- I'll be there. It's actually just under an hour, I mapquested it. So why not? If you want, put in a friend request and we can exchange cell numbers to be able to actually put a face to the name.

Any chance this will be webcast? Way too far to go but interested to hear what they say.

Nothing particularly new, but it was put together nicely. They had a dermatologist and a rheumatologist speak, as well as an exercise person from the Arthritis Foundation who did an exercise break. They had a few different vendors and tables there, as well as lots of material to take home.

Honestly, even though the question and answer portion wasn't horribly long, both doctors took part in this, and it was interesting to hear some of the questions and responses. One or two answers didn't seem quite right though, including that Sjogren's is common with RA, but not with PsA, and usually is associated with a positive Rh factor (I swear that's what he said). There were actually two attendees (at least) with diagnosed Sjogren's and completely seronegative. The truth is, most of us here are either really educated about the disease, or getting there.

It was also nice to meet a member from here. Todd, tvsoccerdad, introduced the speakers. Usually I have no face to put with members here, so it was a nice opportunity.

So glad you got to go and meet another member of the LWPsA community. Thanks for updating us all. Hope the trip didn’t take too much of a toll on you.