Fledgling Support Group Suggestions

So, it seems that there is a need for an in-person support group in my area (DC metro). I contacted the Arthritis Foundation and there are NO inflammatory arthritis support groups in my area. Huh? I am thinking that I would like to start one, but have no idea what people are looking for. Should we have a brief structured education (15 minutes or so) then free talk time? I guess we meet for an hour?

What would you look for in an in-person group? Please give me some suggestions!

I was thinking of starting a meetup.com support group and we could advertise in other places such as, psoriasis.org. I could host meetings in my home and I think it would be good to have semi-structured meetings. For example, twice a month, a new topic to discuss at each meeting in addition to open discussion about anything. I can do research on how to set up a support group - look for tips and ideas.

Just a thought,