Once the humira kicks in will I still be getting flares? Are there things likely to set it off and ways to prevent or limit them.

OK, I probably all ready know the answer but looking for a life line. I've been in lots of pain and just generally feeling blah. Also fighting off (and loosing) a major bout of depression.

I also know the next 3 weeks with be insane and will make everything worse.

It appears you posted under “Atricles, News, &the Research”. You may want to post your question in the general discussion area to get more exposire. I am not sure everybody reads the resesrch section as much. That said, if all goes well, the humira should improve your symptoms. I was on Humira for a while and it greatly improved my situation. It takes a while for the biologics to really take effect.
You mention pain and depression. I started counselling and take medication for both pain & depression. It is a process and takes a while to find what works best for you. I regret not going to counselling sooner. Are you seeing anyone to help you cope with the chronic pain and depression? I finally learned to ask for help in those areas. I hope the humira brings you relief.

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Thank you Mod, I didn't know how to do that.

Dandylyon, my suport is coming from friends right now. I just can't manage any more on my to do list and mostly friends at home and on computer sites are helping. I know it will pass when this month is over and things ease up a bit in my life