First day back

Yesterday I returned to the mad house called work!

I'm pleased to say it went ok, patients and staff were pleased to see..... but staffing was still bad and the skill mix terrible.

I had to do some straight talking to one of the consultants who overloads me with work......told him I will ONLY be working to my pay grade at the moment as I'm on phase return, then after that I can only do what I can manage comfortably. He looked liked I'd slapped him with a old kipper fillet! lol but once I'd explained why he was ok.

So now off to try Aqua Pilates (?) Wondering if my mat will float away ;)

Aqua pilates sounds complicated. Let me know how it goes. I'm going to try some aqua jogging myself soon!

Jane it was good :slight_smile: I had some problems imagining how you’d translate Pilates to water but we used long foam floats which added more resistance to our movements. Loads of stretching which felt good. And my tummy muscles complained as they though they had been officially retired, so it came as a bit if a shock! lol. I swam for 15 mins before and after the class and I’m pooped so will be spending an hour or so on the sofa :slight_smile: I do love this gym, its a national chain and can still swim when way so its working well for ne.