Feeling strange after starting Cosentyx

Does anyone know if it’s normal to feel strange after starting Cosentyx?

I took the first loading dose a few days ago. I’ve felt like I’m on the edge of getting a cold-like illness, but not quite to the point of getting a cold. Also some digestive discomfort. Mildly scratchy throat and something is off in my lungs, but not a full-blown “cold” or bronchitis-like feeling. I’ve been sleeping 2-3 hours during the day for the past few days. Also have a headache now and it’s hard to think (like being sick).

I have to take the next dose soon. I’m going to call the rheumatologist’s office on Monday, but it’s a bit difficult to reach them. In the meantime, I’m wondering if anyone has had similar experiences. I didn’t have these kinds of side effects while being on Humira for about a year.

I’ve heard the loading doses can be a bit like that from others. But once you’re through them they ease up considerably. Hope you can through to your rheumy though.

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Maybe take Benadryl with the next dose? Bodies have trouble adjusting to these concoctions, can you blame them?

I have been on it since November. I don’t remember any of the cold-like symptoms but the headache, yes. Instantly, everytime. I have had pneumonia for the first time since…ever. Multiple sinus infections and Flu A. But I don’t hurt near as much.

Thanks for the replies.

@Zananne, had you received pneumonia and flu shots? I got them before starting the last medication and am wondering if those will reduce my risk.

I don’t have cold-like symptoms anymore, but definitely don’t feel well. Fatigue, headaches, weakness, and digestive discomfort. I was okay on a few days though. It’s working on my skin psoriasis.

I didn’t take either flu or pneumonia shots. I was a little afraid that doing it with the suppressed immune system would make it worse. Couldn’t get a straight answer from my PCP. Ended up with both anyway. But I do work in a petri dish, (AKA elementary school), so I’m just going to count my blessings.

My skin is as bad as it’s ever been right now, but since I have less than 1% coverage, I can live with it. My joints and tendons feel better and better. I had forgotten what it’s like to not think about my body all day long; where and how much it hurts, how to move or not to move, when to heat and when to ice, shower or soaking bath, can I or can’t I work, go to the store, the beach or workout. I still think about it a few times a day, but there is room in my life right now for more… and that’s pretty nice.


I was told that it’s okay to get vaccinations as long as they aren’t live vaccines (at least with my last biologic), but double-check with a doctor.

I’ve been doing better today, so I hope it was just an initial adjustment to the medication.

It very important to get our vaccines against pneumonia and flu especially if we work at crowded environments like schools, stores etc and get in contact with many people everyday… Biologics and disease modifying drugs suppress our immune system increasing the risk of getting serious infections.

Cosentyx is a miraculous drug… i had been on it for 1,5 year and all my symptoms were cleared up.