Favorite Reads

Let’s share our favorite books, any genre.

What books have you liked about chronic illnesses as well?

I love historical fiction but I am in a bit of a slump. Need something new to try

I’ve been reading song of Eric Jerome Dickey’s books. Some of his stuff is a bit racy, but overall very good.

I actually just read Brain on Fire too. I heard about it first because of the seizures (my daughter has epilepsy) but it turns out that the writer has an obscure autoimmune condition.

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I’ll check both of those out. I don’t mind racy!

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I’m not particularly exciting, fairly nerdy actually, so racy isn’t my gig. But probably my favorites are anything CS Lewis. He and Tolkien (Lord of the Rings trilogy) were close friends and influenced each other’s writings quite a bit. And yes, Lewis wrote quite a lot other than the children’s Narnia series. (Which I love. I still have a set and they are still a good read when you want something not particularly grownup :grin:) His science fiction trilogy is very good and ‘Till We Have Faces’ is the only book that, having realized how much I missed or misunderstood what he was actually saying, was reread as soon as I finished it. Very thought provoking. At least it was for me.
‘Homer’s Odyssey’ by Gwen Cooper (not the Greek mythology one) is also a good read. Especially if you are looking for something that isn’t heavy or thought provoking. True story about a blind cat. It really is better than it sounds.

I am also a total geek. I wish I was a Hobbit flying through space in the Tardis. Haha

I havent thought about CS Lewis in a long time! Maybe that is the new road I need. I will check these out.

If you like Greek and Roman mythology you may enjoy ‘Till We Have Faces.’ It’s Lewis’ spin on the Psyche and Eros myth.

I just ordered it.

If you haven’t read Louise Penny’s series about Armand Gamache, you are in for a treat. Armand is a detective In Quebec province. He has complicated moral decisions to make and is guided by a book that his father owned, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Three Pines is the fictional village, where Armand and Reine-Marie, his archivist wife, buy a home. (It is helpful to have a librarian as a wife when you are a detective.) Three Pines is peopled with characters you won’t soon forget, but there are a lot of murders for such a small town!

Penny is an excellent writer and manages murder mysteries without horror or gore. I suggest reading the series in order, just for the larger arc of character development. I especially enjoyed the cross cultural views and conflicts of the French and the English.


Wow. Hope you like it as much as I did.

Another Canadian author whose mysteries are excellent is Linwood Barclay. Added bonus - there are quite a number of them!

I like historical romance novels, and also the time jump stuff like Outlander. This will sound crazy but I like zombie apocalypse genre and military apocalypse genre too. Occasionally I’ll throw in a main stream book. Oh and dog novels. Kinda all over the place. I stay away from books on chronic diseases.

Thank you! Yes it does help to have a librarian as a wife!

@Mom_Cat It arrived a few days ago. I was finishing up a book I checked out at the library (it was ok) and now I am on to Till We Have Faces.

@Bern I love Outlander. Have read it twice and watched the shows so many times. I also love Doctor Who, so time travel works for me I guess. I never got into the Zombie movement but my sister loves it! I hear you about chronic books. I guess I like when the story has a main character that is dealing with something that is similair to my own life. I feel a little less alone.

Have always loved biographies, historical ones make a fascinating read, remember I , Claudius was terrific. On another tone completely P.G. Wodehouse, humour goes a long way,

I can do a biography if it’s interesting. Not the standard facts and figures, but the story of someone’s life or dreams. If you had a top 5 biographies to read what would they be?