I am a middle child and started having my PsA problems at 33 or 34 can’t recall. My question for all is my younger brother who is now 34 is starting to have the psoriasis patches as well as having a shoulder pain problem that has four doctors giving four different diagnosis. Last Today told him pinched nerve fom herniated disc and gave him prednisone. What are the chances that siblings could have same PsA?

My sister has plaque forming psoriasis very badly. I have inverse and guttate but mostly nails and scalp. I probably have had PsA since birth though I was not diagnosed with it until after my sister was diagnosed with it. She has one PsA joint, used bee sting therapy and has had no symptoms for 10 years or so then had a frozen shoulder which may or may not be PsA related. I had had symptoms off and on for decades, achilles tendon swelling making walking difficult, 2 tendon tears in my legs, swollen hands and feet, stiff spine, etc but until I had been under some extreme stress for a couple of years and gone through menopause I did not pursue it. I asked my GP about it after some wicked symptoms including locking joints in my hands and a trigger finger that I could no longer lift, it just stayed down against my palm. My GP didn't think so but gave me the referral to Rheumatology because I asked and it was PsA. So yes siblings and children (and nieces and nephews) all have the genetic link but must also have a trigger. Triggers can be stress or viruses or bacteria or even smoking. There may be more than one trigger, they are not sure yet.

Yet I'm the only one in my family with any psoriasis. And I know another family where my friend has PsA, as does her mother, and it looks as though her brother also has it, and erosive osteoarthritis.

I have two older brothers with psoriasis worse than mine and they have no arthritis, yet I was diagnosed last year with moderate to severe PsA, My older sister has no psoriasis and has just recently been diagnosed with PsA

Thank you. Not what I wanted to hear for my little bro sake but thank for the helpful comments.