Falling back into the dreaded Gap

I had a good week. I recognize that now, but it was a very good week and I was quite certain that I'd be returning to work full-time and not wincing each time I stepped and maybe even knitting (!) by the end of the summer. My rheumatologist appointment was, unfortunately it turns out, that week, and due to some changes in his office I wasn't able to talk to him on the phone until this past weekend, at which point the inflammation was in most of the joints it was at its worst, including several toes with dactilytis and maligned fingers that make everything harder... not to mention the fatigue and inability to sleep because of the pain (I attached a picture of my most painful joint... I don't know why that bothers me so much!) My work also called today to say that they'll be posting a temporary fill-in for my position (I have been working 1-3 days out of 4, and will still be able to do so, it's sort of a somewhat more stable on-call position) and that my FMLA is running out. I am terrified that I will lose my health coverage, but don't think I will at this point. I see the rheumatologist this Thursday, and this time we will be starting a biologic. He started me on a new NSAID, diclofenac, which has been easier on my stomach the past 2 days than the meloxicam was. Apparently, methotrexate & healthy living won't be enough for me. I'm bored of this, and scared I'll be taken down by my own overactive immune system.

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Oh dear, that looks so painful ! I know it's beyond frustrating.