End of British Summer Time (BST)

In the UK we put the clocks forward 1 hour in the spring and back 1 hour this weekend…where as most people enjoy the extra hour in bed this morning, PsA has cheated me out of that feeling, as woken at 5am BST which is now 4am with my body saying “I don’t care what the clock says…I’m hurting!” Sorry people but I’m in pain, grumpy, and feeling sorry for myself this morning. AND it was MTX dose and NO anti inflammatories night last night! Bah Humbug!

I am so sorry Louise. Go ahead and rant to your hearts content. You will feel better. And I will send hugs and prayers to you that your day improves quickly!

Thanks Michael, my day did improve although the pain didn’t …my eldest took me to the Pet shop and bought me an aquarium for my Birthday present :slight_smile: and is helping me set it up. My lovely man came over and looked after me…so I ended up realising how lucky I am :slight_smile:

Just thought, maybe the flu jab I had Saturday at work kicked my immune response into overdrive? Maybe why I have new sites of swelling come up yesterday