Enbrel VS Humeria

Hi Guys

I have been to the Rheumatologist today, she wants to take me or Enbrel (been on it for 3 months) but inflammation markers are still high) and try Humeria - does anyone have an opinion on these drugs if one is better than the other or are the much the same??

If one doesn't work the other may. They do the same job the only difference really is how good each companies salesman is. The efficiencey of the detail man (salesman) at make the drug available to as many patients as possible is the driving factor.

I would offer one personal opinion though. UNLESS you had iriditis (uveitis) I would start with Enbrel. The tendencey of a lot of folk is to develop antinbodies in months or years to which ever biological they are taking. As Enbrel is ineffective against uveitis, if I was going to wear on out and/or need to change to a different one, I'd want to hold in reserve the one that would be effective against a component of this disease I didn't have......in this caes Humira.