Enbrel and hayfever symptoms

Apologies for being quiet recently - life has been busy and for once, I have been well enough to cope with it!

Anyhoo, it’s hot and sunny at the mo and I appear to have hayfever symptoms which I have not had before. Could the enbrel/MTX combo be making me sensitive to pollen? Any thoughts oh wise people?

So I don't know specifically about enbrel and MTX. However, I have found no difference in my allergy symptoms overall on two DMARDS. That said, I have found that I am less sensitive to poison ivy since I added in leflunomide, and before that MTX. Lowered immune response?

Okay, I still get it, but it is very minor, and doesn't spread. I have a tiny bit now, as it's berry picking season and I never seem to spot it around the berries.

I have Lene Andersen's book about living with RA (she's had it her whole life, and she's around 40 now, and a wheelchair user), and she talks about Enbrel causing allergy like symptoms. I know that I have more sinus sensitivity to allergens now, but I can't link it to biologics like Enbrel, because the sensitivity only developed in the past couple years, and I've been on a biologic for 12 years now.