Drugs dont help! Running out of options

Hi all, I'm new to this group and it is so wonderful to find I am not alone! I have had PsA for 6 years. I have tried Steroids (didn't help and make me extremely nauseous), methotrexate (didn't make any difference), Embrel & Humira (huge injection site reactions), Simponi (never worked well, then stopped working). While on Simponi had a flare in left foot and ruptured a ligament, been in a big plastic boot for a month now. I have a second MRI on Wed to see if it has healed at all, if not I need surgery. So I cant try Remicade infusion until after I know if I need surgery.

Want to be able to walk on my feet without pain. Tried a medrol dose pack this week and if gave me sever nausea and vomiting! So sick on Wed I couldn't do anything!

Im afraid the Remicade wont work.

Have you tried an nsaid such as Celebrex?

Do you follow any nutritional plans?

Yes, it didn’t work either, forgot about that one. I have done an antiinflammatory diet and even a juice cleanse. I still juice for overall health reasons. But it doesn’t stop the flaring. There are two new drugs not yet approved for PsA but in stage three of trials. I’m hope one of them may make a difference!

My severity is beyond Celebrex and it also conflicts with some other meds I take. When I asked my Rheumy why wasn't I going on remision, he said that some people never do. I happen to be a lucky one. So, I understand what you are going through. On very bad days, I learn to deal with pain in the best positive way I can.

Yes, I did ask my Rheumy and he told me to stay away from gluten, add ginger to my diet.


You are correct. I have done extensive research on the treatments for PsA. And even with the strongest of all the grugs approved for PsA 40% of people still have symptoms and pain which is unrevealed. The problem is that the immune system is so complex that they arnt even able to look at a cure for PsA. Research is still mainly looking at how to decrease symptoms and stop the progression of damage! Which is infuriating to me! I have tried every medication and none of them have worked correctly. Humira did put me in a remission state for a few years at the beginning. But I am now allergic to it. And the problem with the biologic drugs that block TNF is that they stop working in time.

We are both part of that same lucky CLUB!


I have been getting used to the pain now. At the beginning it used to drive me wild, but Arava (Leflunomide) helps me somewhat. I also take Enbrel and 5mg of Prednisone. Still, the pain and the damage continue. If the dr. takes all these away, I end up in the psychiatric ward because I CANNOT deal with the pain. PsA activate my severe Fibromyalgia and between both pains I am not able to cope. Now, if the dr. takes away one med, he lets me have the rest to help me. I pray you find something to help you. I know how hard it is.