Drug Sensitivity

Recently my rheumatologist who did not like my complaint that Humira made me too dizzy, jittery and weak in the legs to function. I was only on the medicine for 8 weeks but missed a lot of life during those two months. So he wants to try Enbrel. Won't that be about the same as far as reaction/side affects. And what about Remicade. I am hearing good things about that drug as far as interactions/side affects. Am I being an oversensitive baby or what? I have always been sensitive to medicine. Over the counter meds sometimes cause me to feel dizzy or jittery

Everyone reacts to medications differently. I can take high doses of pain medications and they seem to do nothing, but others I know are knocked on their butts with the smallest dose. :). I’ve tried enbrel and humira and am currently on Remicade. All these medicines are in the same classification of medicines but are all a bit different. Remicade works for me with minimal side effects but I never really experienced side effects on the other meds either. I would want to try something else too if you can’t function. It’s not worth giving up on things you enjoy and just your life in general! :slight_smile: Best of luck with everything.

Enbrel and remicaide worked best n the beginning. Currently on AMG 827 which is a trial drug with good results

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