Dr. Avron Danniler - Plastics, Hand, Foot and Nerve surgeon - Los Angeles area

This is my surgeon who just did my tarsal tunnel release. He is very kind, an excellent surgeon and wonderful doctor. He just called me again to see how I am doing and it's 3 weeks post op.

Dr. Daniller was willing to do this procedure to improve the function of my right foot that has had rampant inflammation for the last year due to PsA. I just spoke to him and I believe there isn't another case due to PsA in the literature. He asked me to send a letter describing my history and experience before and after surgery for him to share with some colleagues. I hope this can help someone else with PsA who also suffers with similar symptoms.

Neuropathy Institute of Southern California, Dr. Avron Daniller.

Website: www.neuropathy911solutions.com/