Doctor wants me to start Enbrel

I have been taking hydroxycloequine and Otezla, then started MTX injections, nothing is helping much, so my Rheumy wants me to start Enbrel. i have to get all the blood tests, and get signed off by my Hematologist, because I have MGUS, and there is concern about Non Hogkins Lymphoma… Should find out next month.
Here is the twist, I am a monk, so I need to get permission from the admistration, when I emailed that my Rheumy want me to start bilogics, they freaked out, saying that my disease was not that bad, and I should try more options… They are not doctors, and they do not get very involved in my disease levels. i am going to have one of the guys go with me to my Rheumy and ask her about her dx, that should be fun to watch… One of the questions that was asked, what my GP thought about me starting biologics? I mentioned that it was above his paygrade…

I have disease activity in all my fingers,toes,feet,heels,knees, hips, SIJ, spine, hands wrists, neck… My SIJ sacrum looks like swiss cheese, from the inflammation, but the SIJ is slowly fusing, so that is good. I am on my second radio frq. Ablation of the SIJ and lower Lumbar.

I was told that MTX does nothing for Psoriatic sponylosis, that biologics are the only thing that may help spinal inflammation.

I think you are so right, the administration needs to get educated about your disease if they are to have any involvement in how it is treated. Is your rheumy aware of how important it is to put other people in the picture? It may be as well to let her know well in advance that you plan to take someone along so that she's prepared and can set aside extra time if necessary.

My knee jerk reaction on reading your post was to feel angry on your behalf. But then I thought about it a bit more and realised that being a monk doubtless involves some deep commitments. And also I can just imagine myself if I was fit as a flea and someone close to me had PsA. The truth is, I bet I'd go through a phase of thinking that it's not that serious, that biologics should be avoided if at all possible and so on. I'd have to be introduced to reality!

I wish you luck with the process. I hope you do get to start Enbrel and that it makes a huge difference to you. The sooner the better I think!