Do you have dry, itchy skin?

I just wanted to recommend a product to those with dry skin and/or irritations to certain dyes and such. I have been using Vanicream (I know the name allows for some teasing, if you're 12) Anyhow, I have been using both the cleansing bar and the shower wash in combination with the heavy lotion daily for 2 weeks and the results are pretty life changing if you spend the day itching like I did. Also, the results are pretty immediate. The trick with lotion is to apply it within 5 mins of getting out of the shower whilst your skin is still damp. Unfortunately, it is unscented so you're not going to smell like strawberries and sugar when you're done but your skin will look and feel lovely.

Walgreens and CVS carry the lotion, sometimes I'll find the bar but I just order it online. Below are some links to check it out. My Mama was prescribed the lotion for dry skin and she shared with me. They also make shampoo and conditioners but I haven't tried them yet.

I hope y'all can find some relief as I have.

When I was admitted to the Mayo Clinic in MN for a month at age 8 for severe psoriasis, part of their protocol was to slather me down with Vanicream after soaking in a bath with bath oil. I'm amazed it is still around. (I developed arthritis a year and a half later)