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So, here I go complaining…I have tried all the oral pills for PSA and P to no avail, tried enbrel and was allergic, now I’ve been on humira for 2 months and I swear it’s making my pain worse but my skin is clearing! I used to be a hairstylist before all the neck, shoulder, hand issues and tried a new job. I now work at a hospital doing patient registration and I am still in pain every day. I am young, so it’s hard for me to think that I can’t work anymore, but as of now I have been at my new job 10 months and have already been absent at least 10 times due to not being able to get out of bed/medication side effects/just plain sick! I feel it might be time to start the disability route but am so afraid of what will happen. I don’t know how it works, why people get denied, especially when the disease literally makes you un functional. But yet working at the hospital seeing a these patients way younger than me who are on disability with no physical disease makes it hard for me to understand how it could be so hard for someone in my position and tons of you on here who I’ve seen having a hard time getting their applications processes and accepted. I am looking for any advice on how to make it a quicker process as I do not want to be without income for very long but also feel I am going to lose my job soon or have to leave due to my condition :confused: should I hire a lawyer? Do the application process myself? I have PLENTY of medical records to show I am never generally feeling well, I just don’t know where to begin. Any and all advice is welcome or even just shared stories of your experiences. I still have faith that the humira will help and maybe get me out of a constant state of pain but as of now I am in PT twice a week for my neck and they are talking sending me to a surgeon for bulging discs, we will see what happens, but things are still not looking up and I need help in my next step in this whole wonderful disease and what it has done to my life. If disability will make my life easier, I am willing to go through the process, just don’t know where to start…thanks for even reading my ranting post :slight_smile: thank you ahead of time for any response

First of all you have no idea what all those people younger than you on disability have wrong with them. Working in the Hospital You would have no idea whether the have SSDI, SSDA, Medicaid, SSI, etc, so that is not good measue. if that information is available to you, your facility is in deep dooh.

Your local SSA office will have or should have a navigator available to walk you through the process. They will refer you to one. You won't likley be able to get an attorney without a turn down. Its not a difficult process if you are indeed disabled. Young is relative but your chance of getting anywhere with out starting with your local vocational rehab if you are under 50 - 55 are between slim and none. (and slim is on the move) 10 days in 10 months isn't going to help either. Sitting still most of us look pretty normal too. I have told the story many times but it is true. The SSA worker who takes the applications here is a quad on a respirator, who taps the info out with a soda straw. he uses his max FLMA every year to deal with massive open sores.

If living on 800 or so dollars per month and 18 months without health insurance will help your situation, go for it. In any event make an appointment with your voc rehab center and they will assign a case manager to help you through the process..

I didn’t mean any offense I just mean if they are younger than I am and they got it, why wouldn’t I be able to. I don’t know anything about vocational rehab centers but will definitely look into it. I have health insurance through my husband, thank goodness, otherwise I would be in medical bill hell. Again, I have done some research on the process but am looking for personal experiences to see if it is worth it, otherwise I will look into a different line of work I guess, I’m just not sure. But I will look into the rehab, thank you tntlamb

The rehab is the place to start. They will do a complete work evaluation and go from there. and frankly part time work that you can do pays better than rehab and is lot better for you over all..........

We should give you an award BTW, you started the 3000th thread. I remem ber when we only had 50 and it was 2 week between new ones

I’ve had about 10 days off in the last 10 months too. I called about four of them annual leave, so both me and my boss felt better about it.

It’s not easy maintaining a job thats important to you with PsA, and sometimes its not possible. But for me, as long as its possible, the feeling of contribution, usefulness, and self worth that I get out of meaningful work, makes it worth working for as long as possible.

After all, that sense of usefulness and contribution is one of the main things PsA erodes from me, in both my work and personal life.

I’m not letting that go easily, so as long as I can perform well while I’m at work, try to minimise my sick days, and give them reasons not to want to get rid of me, I’m working!

The disability process I’m sure others can advise on (I’m sure there’s a thread lying around here somewhere…)

Well, when you’ve been there a year, make sure to apply for FMLA. You get 12 weeks of protected leave a year. That has saved me a few times.

I have a new job and work from home. If I had closed my eyes and wished for the perfect job, and the job genie granted my wish, I would have gotten this job. Anyway, we all have pain. Some more than others, but we all have it. There are a very special few of us who get to enjoy it every day.

I was where you are now at one point in my life. Someone barked at me and told me to either go that route or fight, and I chose to fight. I kept trying meds until I found my magic dose, and here I am, a year later, working, and surviving it.

You don’t want to give up on your job, so don’t. Do what you need to do to protect your employment through FMLA, and keep hunting for the right drug. Don’t give up til you’ve tried them all. Do your PT, get in pain management if you have to. Pep talk complete.