CSA Resource Booklet -- PsA

Here’s a booklet that I just discovered:

Thank you! A very useful guidebook!

It is, isn’t it? And you don’t even have to go to your library to find it. (I doubt yours would have it!)

Ninan, how long did you go undiagnosed? I was 20 years. And in that time, I got some terrible joint damage.


Hi again! I suppose I have been quite lucky not yet having got damages(as far as I am aware of). As I probably had my first flares about 40 years ago! Mainly enteritis then(I have understood now), but no doctor could tell why and what it was apart from stubborn inflammation in tendons. Came slowly more obvious what it was 4-5 years ago with swellings in my knees preceded by about 10 years of “lighter” acing in fingers, toes, columna and SI-joint.
Curious about if anyone have the experience of leukoplakia (white areas like milk stains non painless)in gum, under tongue or in the mouth and knowledge of if you can blame it on psoriasis?

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