Costochondritis or something else?

New Symptoms seem to appear so randomly, I’m not sure what is related to PSA or some other undiagnosed health issue.

I’m having chest pains, they have now referred me to an cardiologist who detected a palpitation. This could be left over from my bout with Covid. But I am also having external chest pains, specifically near the sternum. So I’m now going in for a heart ultrasound at the beginning of the month.

The weird part is that Humira seems to have really pushed down most of my other symptoms, but this one has gotten worse and more consistent throughout different times of the day.

I have read that RA and Lupus patients suffer from Costochondritis, but I’m not finding much on this as a symptom of PSA. I have not been diagnosed with this but I wonder if I should notify my Rheumy or GP.

Does anyone have experience with this kind of chest pains? If so what was your process of finding out and what works to help with the pain?

Thanks in Advance!

Yes, it can definitely be associated with PsA. I would probably start with my rheumy, but if they were too difficult to get in touch with, go to your GP. The goal is to always rule out the big and bad things. If you do a search here, you’ll definitely find posts about costochondritis. A lot of people seem to swear by alternating heat and cold, front and back.

I’ve had costochondritis before, and it’s typically just low level for me. Mine is typically just in the front. My bigger cause of chest pain has been pericarditis. That’s become chronic for the last 4 years, and managed with medication, but if I miss even one dose it will start to creep back in.

@Stoney Thank you! I’m doing a search now. You’re right, there is a lot of information in prior messages.

I’ll try the hot and cold packs for sure.

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Once other things are ruled out for sure sternum type pain is very costochondritis. For me I can get pain all over my rib cage too. Costo stuff and PsA.