Cosentyx Reaction

Yesterday I injected my second round of Cosentyx and had a reaction 4 hours after injection. Hives at the injection site, burning, and itching.
I called the nurses hotline and it was closed but left a message. Will call my doctor on Monday.

Any advice? I’m worried I might be allergic to it and will have to start a new medication.

If you are highly allergic to it, you would have had a much worse reaction. You may be allergic tot he preservatives in it. Your body may get used to it.

I get nervous about allergic reactions when I start another biologic. I will take 50mg of Benadryl about an hour before I take one for the first time,

Did the hives spread any and is the picture the injection site?


@tamac Thanks for the reassurance. I’ll see what my doc says but I might do a benadryl before the next injection. Hives were just at the injection site.

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Yep, antihistamines are the right course of action. You can put ice on it for symptomatic relief too.

I was never taken off a biologic for injection site reactions - had quite a few of them - it seems to be a common thing that doesn’t usually escalate (though I don’t have specific experience with Costenyx). I even had all over intense body itching for a night after Enbrel shot, but with no visible rash or hives, and the Rheumy didn’t stop it for that either. And next time no reaction.

So definitely talk to your doctor, but know that it will likely be fine.

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Gosh other than sometimes nicking a teeny blood vessel, I’ve had zero injection site reactions on any biologic I’ve tried. But it does sound like it’s just that and nothing more. Let us know what your doctor says.

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Thanks @Jen75 I will.

I will @Poo_therapy

FWIW site reactions are fairly common with auto-injectors because of the way they are constructed. Even if you don’t normally have a latex sensitivity, with an auto injector you can get it “under the skin” and will react. Generally the reason is you are pressing waaaaay too hard before hitting the button. Backing off a wee bit or pinching the skin at the injection site before “pulling the trigger” will help immensely. Also of note, if you are sensitive to pineapple, autoinectors may not be the best choice. Pineapple sensitivity is an eary indicator of latex issues.

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Thanks @tntlamb. I didnt know about the pineapple. I am using the prefilled syringes though. I dislike the auto injectors.

I talked with the doctors office today and they weren’t too concerned. They give me a script for an epipen just incase. I also talked to the cosentyx rep/nurse and she advised me to take an allergy med 24 hours before injection. My next injection is Friday, so we will see how it goes.

Thanks everyone!

I had multiple site reactions to embrel more than any other bio (humira and currently using cosentyx) I actually had 2 inch welts form for each injection of Enbrel then oddly the provious sites showed up at each injection site so my entire stomach would suddenly be covered in weird 2- 3 inch welts. I can’t tolerate benedryl but took claratin and all my issues went away and stayed away even if I didn’t take it regularly. I would never give up on a biologic ever now for a a site reaction unless severe. I did have to stop a few DMARDS because of allergic reactions but they included breathing issues, hives etc after one to two doses. Cosentyx had a quick start and then a slow down but after over a year won me over
I don’t know what I would do without it now.

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That’s exactly what Cosentyx has done with me. Dipped considerably after the loading doses and then bobbed back up again around month 7 or 8. I’m on month 11 now and it’s working very well.

Thanks @Rachael, that’s good to know. I do not want to start over if it’s just a site reaction. We know how long that process is! I’ll keep that in mind when it starts to dip that it will bounce back.

@Poo_therapy Thanks for letting me know. I’m so glad I have you guys to talk to.