Cosentyx financial assistance program

I was on Cosentyx for awhile and used the copay assistance program. I suddenly lost my insurance and now that I’m searching for coverage (today is the deadline to purchase), I can’t find a plan that covers more than 50% of specialty meds (50% coinsurance). That means that I’m responsible for $3K per month, although I’d meet deductibles and out-of-pocket maxs quickly. This “coinsurance” isn’t a copay so does their financial assistance programs help with that cost?

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I’m in the UK so can’t help. But given the urgency of your situation - have you phoned Cnsentyx up ask if the their financial assistance programme can help you?

I did but they closed at 2p in my time zone. Since most of the plans were the same for specialty meds, I chose one of the 50% covered ones but I’ll still need an answer. I’ll call again today. I used to pay $0 for it. I can’t wait to get my next dose; it’s been 2 months now!

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Gosh it’s not great missing doses of the stuff - runs the risk of no longer working for you. I’m on it too but as I said in the UK. Hope you get your answer soon.