Cosentyx came late

I was supposed to get the package Thursday AM, at least that was the instructions to the Specialty Pharmacy. I found it Saturday at noon… They had dropped it off Friday night around 8 pm with no signature. I live on a lovely 100 acre farm, our main office closes at 4pm. I measured and recorded the temp. Inside the box at 68 degrees, it is supposed to be no more then 46 degrees. I think they will have to replace this shipment.
This has been one of the worst specialty pharmacies I have used.
I guess I will have to get future deliveries to the pharmacy in town which is a 1 hour round trip.
I was up in the high desert yesterday, when I came back, I was completely exhausted, did not wake up until, 4:30am, then went back to sleep and slept tell noon. Had no idea that the medication was out in the sun…


That’s incredibly frustrating. You’ve had too many problems with delivery direct to your residence to keep getting it delivered there. I know that’s a big drive to pick up your needs, but you can ensure that it’s there before you go get it.


If it helps I live in the UK and here a specialist delivery company deliver your biologics. I also have a dog who barks at every vehicle stopped outside my house. Unlike me he likes visitors so his barking is to welcome them.

I was waiting for a Cosentyx delivery - they give you a two hour window, working away as it was the afternoon. Heard nothing and the doorbell didn’t ring. More importantly the dog didn’t bark either.

Called the delivery company told them it was a failed delivery etc etc organised another urgent one. Two days later I found the delivered Cosentyx thrown over a side gate. Despite the box having ‘keep refrigerated’ all over it, he never rang the doorbell just threw it there. That’s £1,500 down the shoot. The subsequent complaint I raised with delivery company was legendary. They merely said ‘sorry’.

So sorry to hear about your medicine not getting to you. Having your meds delivered to a store, like Walgreens, is probably more reliable than having it delivered to your home, at least for the time being. How is the Cosentyx working for you?

At one time, and I think the insurance company used this particular company to save money, we had to use some company that didn’t offer phone reminders when to order more medication. I had to call at a specific time of day, because the mornings were “too busy” for this company. And I had to call within a specific time window before my son’s med ran out. The company was located in Bakersfield, California, which is quite a long distance from where we live. The company missed the delivery date one time, and the guy told me he would be willing to meet me half way. Even half way was a long distance. The insurance company now uses Ingenio Specialty Pharmacy, and they are great. But as soon as the insurance company realizes the pharmacy is good, they change to some other company whose service is horrible.

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Got it all worked out, they are shipping a replacement dose. I need to ship back the spoiled dose, I guess to make sure it is not being sold…


I found out they were not sending it critical, just UPS ground! Dummies!


Who was the pharmacy?

Just curious bcz I got my cosentyx from a horrible place and was so happy when I changed to remicade bcz I thought…YEAH, NO MORE OF THEM! and then I failed remicade and guess who delivers my zeljanz🙄

ALLIANCE RX WALGREENS PRIME :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

Well now that I found out to tell them to ship it “Critical” I will call them every month to remind them. When they shipped Cimzia I had no problems, because they shipped Critical… They use very low paid workers at the call center. This is CVS, I dealt with Walgreens when I had my infection and had to have shipments of infusions and all the supplies sent to my place, it was a mess. One of the nurses was afraid of heights, and I lived on top of a hill, she got up there but was afraid to drive down…

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